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Being too hard on yourself



I see it more and more the more I become aware of it. The language we are using when we talk to ourselves.

First I noticed it in my clients, they call themselves failures, they speak horrendous words about their bodies, their achievements, their goals.

I ask them, as I am asking you to do now, to write down all of the language they are using to talk to themselves.

“Idiot, fat, failure, disgusting, worthless, disappointing, spineless and you don’t matter” were some of the common ones.

Would you EVER speak to someone you loved that way? If you answered yes we have a whole different set of issues to discuss.

I am inviting you to start to form a new relationship/team with yourself. Start thinking of someone you love unconditionally (Dog, Child, animal etc) think about how your self talk goes when you are with them, then when you are deep in that place, look at yourself through those eyes.

Seeing yourself with that innocent pure love. This is how you look at and talk to yourself from now on. This takes practice but we can all get to a place of loving ourselves for who we are.

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