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I have been there, on both sides, as I am sure we all have.

It’s that certain thing they do, or their personality is not how we want it to be in a certain moment and it drives us insane! We plough all our energy into trying to get them to see our way but nothing time and time again. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN?

The real question to always ask is “When will I learn?”

There is a whole world full of things we can not change and I would say at number 1 with a bullet is other people.

Sure you can force/guilt them into doing the thing you want, but they will resent you and it will go badly at some point.

If you are feeling down and like things aren’t right, then you need to look inward.

How can YOU take responsibility for your happiness in this moment? It is NO ONE else's job.

What can YOU do to improve the situation for yourself?

How can YOU react in these situations that would benefit you? Not create more hurt and harm?

We can only ever affect OURSELVES. It is a tough pill to swallow but that’s the truth. So if you are finding yourself frustrated with others then the first place to look every time is at yourself! How can you handle this differently? Can you show up differently? Can you just cut the toxic person loose?

I promise the answer is always in you to “how can I change”

The same thinking leads to the same actions which leads to the same results.

(Did you know research shows 90% of our thoughts are the same as the day before)

So let’s try some new thinking.



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