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Do you feel like you are weird?


The dirty secret in society is that so is everybody else, everyone feels like they don’t connect and everyone is looking at them. Think about this next time you are walking down the street.

Sometimes we think of famous weird people like madonna or lady gaga and that is why we love them! It is why we are drawn to them.

I was about 6ft tall by the time I was in my early teens, I loved comics, computer games and fantasy but also football, music and sport. That was my weirdness, no group could possibly accept me because of my ties with the others.

Today I want you to embrace your weirdness, become at peace with it. I heard a great saying today “You can’t let go of something until you OWN it” and that’s what I invite you to do from now on. Once you give your weirdness some attention and lean into it, it can stop being a pain point and disappear.

Now obviously if your weirdness is something you want to use, like some of the famous people that is amazing and you can have it be a real super power.

But really being at peace and owning your weirdness is a massive part of self love and self acceptance.

Remember, being weird is cool.

What is your weirdness you are proud of?

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