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Father's Day is coming up soon in England, my two best friends within a week have both had daughters and it has made me reflect on fatherhood/parenthood.

When I first found out I was having a son I broke down, how could I be a role model to anyone? I worked in a job I hated for 17 years, I was out of shape, my mental health was in the toilet, I was a mess!

This was tripled when I found out I was having twins and one would be a girl! Who was I for anyone to look up to?

I tried everything in the build up to get myself ready, to be a perfect role model, I still felt like a monster.

It was only once I came across challenging my relationship with myself it all made sense to me, what good was trying to teach my children about the world and love if I wasn’t an example of love.

How much difference would it have made if you had parents who deeply loved themselves? When someone asked me that, then how much difference would it make if I loved MYSELF deeply to my kids? I changed forever, it became my passion.

I try to see myself through their eyes.

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