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I was someone who was always seen to be doing something new; always taking part; always doing my own thing.

The truth was, I was always chasing happiness.

Each job I took was just to set me up for the REAL dream which was coming next (and next, and next).

Each new exercise or diet was to get me to my ideal, perfect body - I would show all of the people who, at school, had called me fat!

Every relationship - when it turned bad, I determined it was just setting me up for that true, deep love and boundless joy! The NEXT person would be the one.

My coach said something to me that changed my life, and became a mantra I live by “Happiness is a place we come from, not aim to get to”

I had lost sight of all of the treasure, right in front of me, in the here and now. I embraced everything I had, everything I was and life changed. My happiness in the now is my rock solid foundation to build more amazing things upon.

I want to work with YOU to map out the blueprint of your foundation, to help you see you have everything you need to be happy right NOW.

We will dig deep into who you are as a person and what you really want from life and align everything to this.

Book your free strategy session today.

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