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Lessons I have learned as a parent

As it is approaching fathers day I thought I would share with you some wisdom I have learned from being an old tree like father bear.

1. Kids teach you lessons you don't want to learn - When I used to hear people say “My kids teach me” I thought that was dumb, be a grown up! But then I had kids and nothing will show you how possible it is to live with pure love, without judgement, without self criticism like a toddler.

2. Nobody is perfect - I spent so much of my time trying to be the perfect Dad, husband, friend, person and coach. When we are aiming for an impossible version of ourselves then usually we are clutching onto stories to beat ourselves up with, reflect on these stories and challenge them.

3. The love you are looking for is right here - If you are feeling empty or unfulfilled, if you keep striving for greatness but can’t enjoy it, I would bet on some level you are searching for something or someone to prove you are loveable. You are, right now, as you. The love is there for you to offer yourself. Start seeing yourself through the eyes of your children. They don’t see you as a failure, overweight, lazy, ugly or whatever lie you tell yourself. They see you as you are….Amazing, wonderful and worthy of all of the love the world has.

What lessons have you learned? Please share and hopefully someone reads what they really need to see today.

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