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Negative self talk


At school I was always called fat, I thought that was weird, I really objectively knew I wasn't.

Every teacher that I was bright but I loved getting lost in thought and talking so I would never get anywhere.

I think these messages formed the words my mind used to kick me from pillar to post.

I started having weight issues as it was drilled into me everyday, I had good grades but started self sabotaging when it got to the exam parts because I thought I should never achieve something.

These patterns followed me into adulthood.

I overcame this by turning the spotlight outward. I learned to wake up thinking everyday “how can I serve people today” and when I did the most amazing things started to happen.

I wasn’t focused on my weight and constantly beating myself up, I wasn’t focusing on how stupid I must be! So the weight left and I am healthier than I have EVER been now and I started flying through exams and qualifications!

If you just can’t stop talking to yourself in this way, if you are tired of your negative mind then I invite you to book a free strategy call with me I will show you EXACTLY how to rewire yourself to finally give yourself not only a break, but a new ally.


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