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Repeating patterns


I was a 95% guy. I would always do amazing at 95% of a task and then self sabotage like a pro. If I was doing a course, I would do great until the last moments then BOOM I disappear or get sick or give up.

I had this story I clung to like a safety blanket. I got the message growing up that I was not smart. My first teacher screamed at me for a misspelling at age 6. This story made my brain look for things to PROVE I just wasn’t clever.

insert this formula into relationships, into health into everything I was a 95% the blow it up guy.

Every time I got close to disproving the story my mind rubber banded me back, to a place it knew, a place it was comfortable!

When I saw this in coaching my walls crumbled, I saw a life beyond 95% that had me in it. That’s my internal story now, not the one placed on me by a sweaty horrid floppy haired primary teacher.

So I ask you, what story are you holding on to that is stopping you from being unstuck? You are NOT your story handed to you but you CAN be a story you write for yourself.

I want to work with you to get the old one, pulp it and start a new draft for you. A powerful story.

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