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About Us

The Better Man Project | Relationship coaching for men | Phil
Phil Airson
Director & Lead Coach

As a father, husband, and entrepreneur, I understand the challenges men face. My journey, marred by personal hardships including the loss of a close friend and dissatisfaction in a finance career, led me to a profound realisation: there’s more to life than silent endurance.


This awakening spurred my transition to counselling and coaching, where I’ve been inspired by incredible mentors, including Jay Shetty.

My commitment extends beyond professional success; it’s about being present for my family and contributing to a community that wasn’t there for me or my friend in our times of need. I’m here to share my experiences and lessons, helping build a supportive space for men to grow and thrive. 

This is more than a career; it’s a legacy for my sons and every man ready to embark on this transformative journey.

Phil brings a blend of skills and perspectives to The Better Man Project. His background allows him to address a broad spectrum of issues, from communication breakdowns and emotional disconnects to the complexities of balancing personal ambitions with relational harmony. Phil's coaching is steeped in the belief that every man has the potential to become a better partner, friend, and individual. By focusing on actionable strategies and personal accountability, he empowers men to achieve the relationships they desire and deserve. In the realm of relationship coaching, he is not just an advisor but also mentor, confidant, and a champion of men’s potential.

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