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Hate your job?


5840 days thats how long I spent in a job I felt like this in and wanted to quit on week 1.

I felt so low, like just a number but I had work!

Where I come from you get a decent job and it makes you miserable but you work it until you collapse. It isn’t supposed to give you anything.

I spent all of my day in a suit, in an office, being just a meaningless number. I didn't realise at the time but this bled over into my personal life.

I was showing up as an unconfident shell because I was taught all day I was disposable.

I was showing up nervous because I spent all day being screamed at about targets.

I was hiding from the world because I spent all day not being seen.

When my son came along he was handed to me and I burst into tears. He was looking at me and I was just an empty vessel staring back into his beautiful eyes.

My coach delved into my entire belief system, I had a strong held belief that because I wasn’t engaged in some subjects in school that I was stupid, that I should stay in a miserable job because I wasn’t able to do anything else.

This all came from a child not understanding where he fit in the world, so he stayed quiet and decent.

The choice was clear, stay quiet or take responsibility.

Today I want to ask you to do the same thing. Take more responsibility for going after your happiness, we can’t control the world but we have more power over our actions and how we react than we might like to see.

Challenge your beliefs

Change your world.

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