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So I was thinking about how I approach people when it comes to business. I am a coach and it is my job but also my passion to serve everyone. To be a force for good.

But something was troubling me.

I felt like I was selling instead of serving. I felt like I was the proverbial snake oil salesman.

(for the record I have no intention of researching snake oil as I enjoy my childhood image of it is obviously oil that is sold and made by snakes in cowboy hats)

So I have been talking to people and having great conversations but have been hesitant when it comes to asking them anything too coachy! After all I am British and we have a long standing relationship with talking exclusively about the weather and roads and all other emotions may only be discussed on our death bed or in song.

But then I thought, you know what… I am not helping anybody just having polite chit chat!

If I see there is an area where I can help you level up and improve your life and create huge transformations YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT I AM GOING TO TRY AND HELP YOU!

I no longer take any of my conversations for granted and I live in a place of serving powerfully.

…...and if you choose not to then that’s awesome too. I wish you nothing but all the happiness.

I think when we come from a genuine place of wanting to help other first and foremost we can show up powerfully and make HUGE changes, just be living outside of ourselves.

Now I am off to drink some of that delicious snake oil and help make other peoples life amazing today.

(Obviously I still refused to google what it is)

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